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Towel Exchange Program

Towel Exchange Graphic (1).png

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Purchase a microfiber towel from one of our attendants for only $5.

Step 2: After drying off, leave the towel in your car & each time you come in to wash, stop just before entering the tunnel & wave it out the window. The attendant will exchange your towel for a fresh one and bring you a dash wipe & air freshener.

Step 3:  Enjoy never having to remember a towel again!


Terms & Conditions: Towels are intended to be used on the interior, door jams, and body of your vehicle. Towels that have been used on engines, tires, or are similarly soiled may not be exchanged as they can not be used again in the program. Interior cleaning should never be performed while inside of the car wash tunnel, please wait until vehicle has exited the car wash safely.

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